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2006-02-21 - 5:48 p.m.

I ain't gonna do nothin' crazy like fiddle around with my 2005 Top Ten list, but I have become entranced with Sigur Ros's Takk of late, and think I gave it short shrift in my year's reckoning.

It helps me enjoy the record more when I imagine that those squeaky elven voices are actually the mice family in my apartment pleading for me not to kill them. I see them forming a circle and dancing, showing me their mice crafts and culture. "Pleeeease do not get a cat! La leee la!"

Gary Numan has a new album coming out!

Gary Oldman does not.

My job requires me to track new releases every week (about a month ahead) and I'm always amused by which artists (be they living or dead) are the most prolific.

First, there's the creepy Gaither Family, who put out an album roughly every 3 weeks or so. But I figure--hey, they're alive and spreading their satanic message, it's understandable that they'd be putting out a lot o' product.

But then there are the other two most be-albumed fellows, who (or whose estates, I guess) have new collections out literally 3 out of 4 weeks of every month: Bob Marley and Django Reinhardt.

Who are these masses of record-buyers plunking down their cash for every possible permutation of track listing from these deceased gentlemen?

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