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2006-02-27 - 12:50 p.m.

Pretty much any rehearsal or recording session at Wombat results in a visit to Luscious, the most wonderful food place in Brooklyn. Taint really a restaurant, it's mostly take-out comfort food that make my eyes water with gratitude and joy. I can't stop thinking about their lasagna today.

And I don't even like lasagna!

Like most people, I'd never heard of Bettye LaVette til last year, when her album of covers got rave reviews everywhere.

I finally got to hear her--yeow! This woman's voice is incredible--rich, curvy, and full of character. And her taste is impeccable, too--Sinead's "I Do Not Want What I Havenít Got" was an imaginative choice and powerful opening shot.

In the wake of that album's success, Varese is reissuing some of her older records, starting with this one, which is also pretty great.

Fans of New Pornographers may (or may not--if you're only there for Carl Newman or Neko) enjoy Rubies by Destroyer/Den Bejar. Sloppy, lo-fi tuneful fun, with a 60s-ish guitar sound (unless that's just my bad headphones making everything sound tinny). Dan's voice is not unlike Grant McLellan's (unless that's just my bad headphones making everything sound Australian).

The Merge site says this is his seventh album. I had no idea!

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