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2006-03-01 - 10:45 a.m.

Happy March!

I noticed as I left work last night that the sky, at 6:00, was a hopeful shade of grayish navy rather than pitch black. Spring is a wonderful surprise every year, you'd think a person would get used to it.

Tried to watch Rent last night, and lasted all of 5 minutes...I had to yank it out of the DVD player roughly halfway through the second production number, a tuneless faux punk song with aggressively awful, show-tuney lyrics.

Really, people, is there anyone out there that can explain why this play is a cultural phenomenon? Who is it written for? Is the stage play that much better?

But then to balance things out, there is The Heidi Chronicles, which I read instead of watching Rent. A little sitcommy, but touching.

This chimp news item has been a-brewin' steadily in primate-groupie circles for the past couple of weeks, but it's rearing its mainstream media head today. I've been corresponding with someone who used to babysit some of the chimps and capuchins at this facility. It's like watching a bad, screeching divorce and knowing that the kids are the ones who will ultimately suffer for it.

This new exhibit of Iraqi art looks amazing, and it's up 'til March 26.

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