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2006-03-03 - 12:01 p.m.

Although they both look awful, I just like that Ultraviolet and Aquamarine are coming out on the same weekend.

I patiently await Seafoam and Lavender Mist.


OK, this will have to do to express my deepest desire today:

The robot is me, and the tiny people are the vexatious nogoodniks who are gettin' me down.

But what's not gettin' me down:

Alison Statton & Spike's two reissues available through LTM. I've blathered on here about my debt to Young Marble Giants, and they've rewarded me with 20 years of great solo/other projects.

Alison's work with Spike is much more full-bodied and varied than her YMG stuff--earthy li'l bossa novas, cumulo-nimbus dream-pop, chamber-y sweetness--but her distinctively honest vocals remain constant throughout.

Another entry in the "pretty instrumental music that is not New Agey--but almost, so be careful!" category:

Lanterna's latest, Desert Ocean. I can't really distinguish one Lanterna album from another, but they are all very nice, lots of shimmering guitar and mellowiciousness.

Half Handed Cloud are the band that my aforementioned singing mice might form as their final act of rebellion. Halos and Lassos is a cute album, but be warned it makes the rest of their Ashmatic Kitty labelmates sound like Hawkwind: "twee" doesn't cover it.

But certainly the most bizarre thing I've heard all week is Devo 2.0, the kid's (kidz) version of Devo.

I just...I'm not...huh??

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