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2006-03-06 - 11:24 a.m.

First, congrats to Sharps for another fine Harrathon at Freddy's on Saturday. I wasn't going to go this year, but at the last minute changed my mind, and was really glad I did. Lots of great local acts covering George and Bob, for a good cause, and the usual lovely vibe of goodwill and bonhomie.

Flitted back and forth between Freddy's and Barbes for the excellent Pinataland show.

Ok, the Oscars.

I had a great time watching them this year with the Bay Ridge Power Pop Mafia, but the show itself wasn't outstanding in any way.

Jon Stewart seemed relaxed and confident, and his "political ads" and "gay cowboy" montages were hilarious, but he seemed so...restrained.

The self-congratulatory tone of the evening was bizarre ("Movies are GOOD! Movies shape public opinion! Movies helped to stamp out RACISM! Don't watch DVDs, watch MOVIES!")

There seemed to be only two dress non-colors (beige and black) and styles (sheath, ballroom), so the few audacious rebels who wore actual colors really stood out: Salma Hayek, Michelle Williams, and dear Meryl Streep.

The interpretive dance "pimp" number stands out as a near-classic Oscar atrocity.

Speeches: boring!! The only one that moved me--to tears, actually but I was a little tipsy--was Reese Witherspoon's, because she seemed so genuinely happy and proud, and because she gave props to her family rather than the usual litany of agents and publicists, etc.

And as an audience member, that's something I can latch onto: the iconic Southern granny who taught her self-respect, the parents who gave her unconditional support, the adoring husband and kids, and the shout-out to the real woman she portrayed in her winning performance. Good stuff.

However the biggest revelation of the evening for me is that Jake Gyllenhaal is actually a Claymation figure!

Jake now:

Jake in an earlier role:

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