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2006-03-07 - 10:54 a.m.

Subway sign haiku:

Do not snake
Or rod this drain.
Use pump only.

I'm excited about a show we've got coming up next Monday, March 13, at the Delancey.

Alex Sniderman's band Eureka starts things off at 8:00.

We'll be playing at 9:00, followed by power-pop champs The Actual Facts (led by verified British cutie Tim Simmonds), and then the thrilling debut of Jim Allen's new rock band The Lazy Lions at 11:00.


Whether you think his new album Showtunes is magnetic listening or just a novelty item depends on your predisposition toward Stephin Merritt's songwriting, but I think it's pretty solid Rogers/Hammerstein-inspired fun. Tunes from three musicals make for some raucous times. Highlights include "Little Hebrew Girl," the tuneful yet shrill "Behold the Lowly Centipede," and the infectious singalong "What A Fucking Lovely Day."

Quasi albums tend to make me yawn, but their latest, When The Going Gets Dark, has some really interesting tracks. "Rhino" is a chaotic little rocker and "Alice the Goon" portends an oceanic apocalypse starring Popeye characters.

Trad country fans will love James Hand's new one. It doesn't get more elemental than this. "When you Stopped Loving Me, So Did I"..."If I Live Long Enough to Heal" music is the true abode of gothic mopiness.

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