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2006-03-09 - 12:24 p.m.

Well, those of you in Brooklyn probably already know, and those outside of Brookyn probably don't care, but demolition in Prospect Heights has begun, and the sages say that it's not what it appears to be. So that's good news, if still unsettling.

But in more important news, I've decided that the Zebra F-301 is the best ballpoint pen.

I'm still fond of the basic PaperMate Write Brothers pen and the way it feels on notebook paper, but the Zebra is a snappy, can-do implement for when you're feelin' fancy.

Kevin Ayers's BBC Sessions 1970-1976 CD is a nice introduction to his solo stuff, featuring some of his more engaging numbers, and consistently good backing bands throughout (ex-Soft Machine bandmates pop up here and there). I love his deep voice and general whimsy. "Love's Gonna Turn You Round" could be a Robyn Hitchcock song. (Many parallels there--handsome eccentric Brits, Soft Boys/Soft Machine, bouncy weirdness).

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