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2006-03-17 - 11:57 a.m.

Saw Bettye LaVette last night and it was...medicinal.

She throws her whole being into whatever lyric she happens to be singing: the sad songs sound like actual sobbing, the happy songs sound as if she's got an IV drip of pure joy in her arm.

Most amazing, though is that the woman is 60 years old. She looks 15 years younger, and sings and moves 35 years younger. Clearly she has tapped into the wellspring. At one point she even executed an effortless ardha padmasana while singing.

Her a capella Sinead song left me a blubberin' mess, strengthened by the lyrics and the utter conviction with which she put them across.

A few weeks ago, I was marveling at--and resonating with--the projectile elderliness in the Neil Young movie, and the way he has gracefully accepted his age.

Today, I take refuge and courage in Bettye LaVette's attitude: screw you, old age, death, stupid laws of physics. Music will always deny you.

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