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2006-03-21 - 10:45 a.m.

I was impressed with everyone's reading material on the D train this morning--not the usual parade of tabloids and racing forms, but:

  • New Scientist magazine
  • National Geographic
  • Pride and Prejudice
  • the first Harry Potter book
  • a manuscript being edited
  • some really thick paperback with tiny print, looked like an historical bio of some Federalist
  • a satanic or pagan tract with a black pentagram (hey, Satanists need to read on the train, too)
  • Moby Dick

    The last one inspired this exciting exchange:

    Me: Oh! I read that just about a year ago! It's so great!
    Guy Reading: [smiles, nods tentatively, thinks "No duh, crazy subway lady!"]

    Because I am sentimental about all the wrong things, I have to mention that today is the first anniversary of buying my iPod Mini. I love you, little silver friend!

    And I suppose I should also mention that the third (ugh) anniversary of the stupid war is also the third anniversary of starting my job. I didn't think either would last this long.

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