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2006-04-07 - 11:03 a.m.

Scenes from non-sequitor playhouse:

Me, standing by the one functional copier at work, xeroxing my divorce papers.

Coworker: You almost done?

Me: (Cheerily) Yup--just xeroxin' my divorce papers!

Coworker: (aghast) Oh! [pause] You wanna buy some girl scout cookies?

There is a new-ish coworker here whose name is strikingly similar to that of a famous kidnapped-by-yippies terrorist of the 70s. Every time her name is spoken--and it is always spoken in full--it silently cracks me up. I suspect it has that effect on everyone, which is why she's never referred to as just [first name].

This blog puts my monkey-news vigilance to shame.

I am a simple lass from the Ramapo Valley of New Jersey, and while I delight in concept albums in general, I just can't cotton to the new Liars double CD.

If anyone would like to suggest a truncated playlist from this that might be more pleasurable listening, lemme know! (In the comments section, so everyone can benefit.)

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