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2006-04-12 - 12:24 p.m.

First things first: dip!

After a lifetime of total indifference to dips of any sort (you lose the flavor of the chip!) I had an awakening at a friend's party recently, and now I look at dip as quite essential to any well-stocked bachelorette refrigerator.

I especially like Desert Pepper's Two Olive Roasted Salsa.

Slate's response to the Hersh article mentioned yesterday is great.

Just one more episode of Six Feet Under (on DVD) to go, and I don't know what I'll do with my heart.

A casual poll amongst friends reveals that I stand alone not only on the merits of the new Flaming Lips album but also in my opinion that the Maggie character saved 6FU.

With Lisa gone, we needed someone who was...sweet, but without Lisa's rather uncomfortably low self-regard.

And what's more, I think Nate's final speeches (in his imagination and in "real life") to Brenda were spot-on. It made me feel happy for him, and redeemed the character for me. He finally figured it all out.

This final season was a doozy. some of the best writing, acting, and directing on TV, ever.

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