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2006-04-22 - 7:31 p.m.

After almost a week of beautiful spring-verging-on-summer weather, it's a bit of a relief to welcome three impending days of rain. The pressure's off, we can all be introverted moles again.

Went to the Met today with my dad, sister, and nephew. While the rest of New York clamored after the Hatsephut exhibit, we stuck with the Moderns.

I was newly astonished by an artist I'd always held at arm's length: Georgia O'Keefe.

To me, she is like Tom Waits or Stevie Nicks or...just her own thang, doing the same thang forever and ever and such an icon that why even bother caring?

But seeing her vivid, startling images--at once stark and dreamy--up close, side by side with the work of her duller contemporaries is to experience her fresh. Like seeing this for the first time.

Was also really blown away by this guy and his trippy art, most likely cuz of the criteria set up by the aforementioned sleep and uterine lining deficit.

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