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2006-04-27 - 2:26 p.m.

This has been a benchmark week for people sending me videos from their schmancy video phones.

D-land doesn't have the bandwith to host them, so I've done the world the service of transcribing the three best ones so far.

  • Video #1: Mercy, Why are you Licking the Chair

    Director: David Wechsler

    Starring: Mercy, Brighton, Interlocutor

    Synopsis: Mercy sits on a leather easy chair and licks the arm. Off-camera Interlocutor inquires, twice, as to why she is doing this. Mercy smolders at the camera inscrutably, as if to say, "Why do you ask?" Brighton muscles his way into the shot, and the story ends.

  • Video #2: Drunk People At 2A after Paula Carino & Lo-Vision Library Gig

    Director: JessicaAnoosh Donahue

    Starring: Ross, Andy, Paula, with shadowy Nick and Neil presence in the background, as well as other revelers.

    Synopsis: Down the hatch! Babbling! Jessica opines that "It's all about the white, the tie, the white, (unintelligible) yeah, (unintelligible) yeah, (laughing)..."

  • Video #3: Brighton Lays Down his Weary Body

    Director: David Wechsler

    Starring: Brighton

    Synopsis: Brighton takes a load off. But the camera angles are really sophisticated.

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