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2006-05-11 - 10:53 a.m.

If there is a better, more natural, sweeter movie bio than Coal Miner's Daughter, I don't even wanna know. This film is definitely in my top ten of all time, and I revisted it last night.

"I wanna SANG, Doo. I wanna be a SANGER!"

The scenes between Loretty and her parents are especially touching, without being over the top at all. You get just how much that family loves each other without any treacly signifyin'.

Ok, this guy raises juggling to a godlike artform, but his performance brings up the question: what skill is more impressive and demanding--writing Abbey Road or juggling to it?

I'm gonna say juggling to it. But since you can't juggle along the way you can sing along, you just have to let it go into the mist. So it has less commutative value, if not intrinsic value.

Were it not for the hippie overtones, I would love to name my future hypothetical daughter Daphne Blue Mustang.

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