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2006-05-17 - 10:50 a.m.

OK, I can't tell what's left of him--it's a close-up. I can't tell what's to the right of him either. I think that's the ocean behind him, though.

Tom Warnick's new songs, hidey-ho!

Questions I asked myself today, some answerable:

1) Why do I bother reading Jay McInerney novels when I know they are going to give me the same skeevy feeling I get when reading about some awful socialite in Vanity Fair?

2) Why don't I just stick to reading Kurt Vonnegut, who never lets me down?

3) Until watching The Rapture, I never would have guessed that Mimi Rogers is both a good actor and really pretty. Has she ever done any other films worth watching?

4) Why did it take me 15 years to discover this remarkably affecting film?

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