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2006-06-21 - 12:37 p.m.

I think "Christian Ringtones" would be a good band name.

I had this whole spiel about Columbo, but then my job decided it was more important than my glob. I hate when that happens. Soon, though!

And, in brief, the new Frank Black continues the excellence of last year's Honeycomb. On this new double-CD, Our Francis is ably abetted by a slew of old-fashioned studio guys/gals (Carol Kaye, Jim Keltner, etc.), and his singing is the crooniest of his career. I believe this could easily have been one disc, though--no single song is leaping out at me yet, and I think he would have been served by brevity here.

I remain in awe of his prolificity.

How much do I love The Brought Low? If they were a sandwich, I'd eat two of them, and not just for lunch, but maybe for dinner or breakfast. The Brought Low would wreak havoc with any sort of low-carb plan I might be on, that's how much I love them. I love them like I love Peter Falk.

This is all based on having heard like 3 tracks of their new album, b.t.w.

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