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2006-07-06 - 11:41 a.m.

Better even than the Disco Midge is the Goldie Hawn. Speaking of whom...I sat down and read her autobiography almost in one sitting the other day, because, as you know, all entertainment bios are sacred. Hers was...nice. Very sweet, spiritual, values-based, but humorous, with a wee smattering of black people love us-type naiveté.

I think I will always like Juliana Hatfield better in a band context than alone--she seems to thrive in an atmosphere of collaboration and bonhomie. And where her solo records usually have two or three great songs and a bunch of filler, her band albums benefit from added songwriting strength and slightly different perspective, as evidenced by the latest Some Girls album, which is awesome. I like Freda & Heidi's songs as much as J's here, and they sound like they're having fun.

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