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2006-07-06 - 9:33 p.m.

Haven't you always wanted to work at Floor Covering Weekly magazine? Now's your big chance!

David reports that, in addition to Brighton's being hopped up on an assortment of anti-seizure meds, now Mercy is zoned out on Clomicalm, a drug whose name sounds totally made up by Kids in the Hall.

All my kids are drug-fiends!

Clomicalm! Clomicalm! I can't stop saying it or typing it.

My latest musical like: The Webb Brothers, sons of Mr. "MacArthur Park" himself. They haven't written their "Witchita Lineman" yet, but they are still young, and their talent is obvious.

I received a piece of mail today--a birthday card to be exact--date-stamped March 25. Um, thank you, strange withholding universe.

I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that I met my mailman the other night--he tends bar across the street from my apartment building. I'd told him I only seem to get about 75% of my mail, and he seemed defensive.

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