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2006-07-11 - 5:58 p.m.

This has been a weird day of clairvoyant happenin’s.

First the Syd thing. (not, b.t.w., my first Syd coincidence!)

A little later, I was thinking about a random news bit I read a while back (and about which I never heard again) about the one-red-paper-clip guy, and apropos of nothing, someone with whom I’ve never discussed ORPC comes up to me and says, "Hey did you hear that the One Red Paper Clip guy finally got his house?”

And just now, I was thinking about what I was going to globbe about, and decided to state very simply, “You know what two things I really hate? Music and yoga.”

And Underneathica beat me to the punch.

So, that leaves a few other items.

  • Thom Yorke had his chance to make a wildly different, interesting, revealing solo album, and instead just churned out another Radiohead album, albeit a minimalist one. You can hear it here.

  • Sister Cantaloupe is the First Lady of Christian Comedy

  • These are some People Who use Their Mama’s Surnames

  • Thingpart, the only funny web comic. (Like a combo of Roz Chast and Gary Larson)

  • I should despise the Pink Spiders but I have chosen to mildly like them instead, for their color scheme and audacity. Perhaps you will, too.

  • Ray Milland!

  • For reasons I can’t even begin to explain, the celebrity gossip that has me most intrigued is the mysterious missing Suri. However, I much prefer looking at these mysterious Suri’s.

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