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2006-07-18 - 10:53 a.m.

No. No no no no. No.

I finally saw Peter Jackson's King Kong, and I'm sorry to say that, although it was beautiful to look at, I felt completely unmoved emotionally, and have to wonder why on earth this perfect movie had to be remade.

And furthermore!

'Twasn't beauty that killed the beast--it was a bunch of airplanes, bullets, greed, and ignorance.

But there was a moment--the scene where Kong is on a rampage in NYC and he picks up and discards random blonde women in search of his "true" love--that I thought that perhaps this film is supposed to be an exploration of the narcissism and selfishness of romance. But I think I may be giving it too much credit for subtlety, because in the grand scheme of things, Kong is still meant to be seen as a hapless victim.


I enjoyed this anecdote about a musician's self-doubt.

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