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2006-08-06 - 7:16 a.m.

Because young Brooklynites can't get enough bocce, the Floyd people have opened a new club in Park Slope that boasts two bocce courts, a huge lounge, and a cozy live music section downstairs.

It's so nice not having to leave the borough to go hear good music.

Last night they had Oppenheimer, whose insanely catchy "Breakfast in NYC" seems to be a hit of sorts, judging by the number of people singing along.

The Irish duo have a whole aresenal of lovely songs in the B&S mode, and a charming, chatty, and warm stage demeanor that goes against the typical hipster blank-face persona that many of their peers adopt onstage (and off).

They seem to be genuinely excited about playing music, and they provided a fun and dynamic show. And the drummer sings, while keeping metronomic time--all bands with singing drummers get bonus points.

(I liked the first 30 seconds of the opening band's pretty synth-pop before I realized that the next 2000 seconds would sound exactly the same.)

So Weeds is out on DVD, and I gave it a whirl....And: eh.

I realize that the "sane character surrounded by doofuses" concept is an enduring theme in Western entertainment, but I've grown terminally weary of it. It's too easy and it fosters egotism. "Look at those stupid suburbanites, I'm better than they are."

I think the standard for ensemble TV drama has been set so high by Six Feet Under and The Sopranos (and ensemble comedy by Arrested Development) that any lesser form of "dramedy" just seems like a waste of time.

It's a great premise, though.

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