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2006-08-08 - 12:59 p.m.

On the one hand, I have a soft spot for freaky, Christ-obsessed folk musicians. On the other, I have the urge to tell Wooden Wand and his boys that, ya know, Jesus would've used a click track.

On the opposite end of the musical spectrum, the very sophisticated jazz-bossa nova-folk-r&b of Richard Bona's Tiki is saved from prohibitive Sting-iness by some exotic elements--many of the lyrics are in Bantu (Bona is from Cameroon) and an inspired, free, floaty melodicism pervades the album.

This kind of music is such a crapshoot. If I was in a darker mood I might dismiss it as totally cornball, but today it's just striking me as really well played and lovely.

And then there's Goatwhore.

[A few hours later] I take it back, Richard Bona's album is a mite cheesy. Listen at your own peril. I was in a really good mood today, it made me like everything.

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