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2006-08-08 - 10:14 p.m.

Yoga International was always my favorite yoga/spirituality magazine--it managed to maintain a pure heart for many years, while Yoga Journal morphed slowly from valuable educational resource to lifestyle porn.

So when I saw the new groovier relaunch, I was scared. It does look all glossified like YJ, but on second glance it seems to reflect the same ol' values.

I am really fusty and conservative when it comes to, uh, yoga journalism, even though my wiser self knows it all comes from the same source, and whatever works for people is cool.

Thanks to an almost random click during an Emusic spree recently, I discovered the beautiful simplicity of Precious Bryant's folky blues. Whenever her songs pop up in a shuffle, it refreshes me.

Emusic also has the new Masta Killa, which sounds pretty good. How many Wu's were there, exactly? Cuz the hits keep a-comin'.

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