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2006-08-16 - 1:17 p.m.

Does the Democratic party simply need a more entrepreneurial approach? Ned Lamont makes a good case for this.

Brightblack Morning Light distinguish themselves from their freak folk brethren in some important ways.

For one thing, their album features a hypnotic Fender Rhodes on almost every song, and that is an instrument much-underutilized in the 21st century. Add a Rhodes to a song, increase its soul-mining factor by 3 mega-whats-its.

Secondly, they have an actual agenda: passionate back-to-the-land environmentalism which causes them to live in tents in the woods and write songs like "We Share Our Blanket with the Owl" and "A River Could Be Loved" (the latter being 4 minutes of pure spine-tinglement).

Thirdly, they had the sensitivity to know that listeners would appreciate the free rainbow prism glasses tucked inside the CD package.

However, if you're the kind of person who finds hippies and pot-heads irritating, you most definitely will bristle at the starchildy rudderlessness of this duo's music.

I like it, it's purty.

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