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2006-08-31 - 10:52 a.m.

Why is Elvis Presley "The King" and not "The Pres" or "The President"?

Wow, country music fans are a critical lot.

Arrested Development, season 3, is out on DVD this week, and I am parcelling out episodes sparingly, knowing that this brief season is the last. ("Taste my sad, Michael.")

Saw these guys at the Merc last night. Nice to hear a young, dance-y electronic band who nevertheless still play real instruments and sing spittily, even if it's with that ironic reserve.

But why do young men wear those big Amish beards? That's an awful look that I thought we were already 6 or 7 years past. Maybe they are beards of sarcasm?

You will scoff, and say "How is it possible?" but today I heard the song "MmmmBop" for the first time. And it's certainly not a bad song at all, it just sounds like a 90s version of the Jackson 5.

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