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2006-09-15 - 3:01 p.m.

My pal Rumi sez:

the water in your jug
is brackish and low

smash the jug
and come to the river!

And if you canít come to the river--cuz maybe you donít have the proper foot apparel--come to Freddyís tomorrow!

Never mind the ďpsychedelicĒ thing, itís just a bunch of good bands playing good music. The hoo-ha starts at 8:00 and the lineup is:

Inclement Seymour (thatís Ross and me)
Daliís Screwdriver
Liza & the WonderWheels
The Larch
Love Camp 7
Plastic Beef

Tara Jane OíNeilís In Circles (clips here) is one of the prettiest damn things Iíve heard in ages, featuring lovely elliptical guitars and sweet vocals.

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