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2006-09-18 - 2:36 a.m.

The Atlantic Antic is one of the few New York street fairs I actually like--it seems to reflect the character of the downtown/Boerum/Cobble Hill area pretty well, and isn't just endless booths of tube socks, discount unmentionables, and goat meat patties. (Although the goat meat could be had, along with jerk chicken and many fried things.)

The music was great this year. In addition to some swell local bands (including one bunch of older gents playing British invasion hits in front of the Chip Shop), I really enjoyed The Reigning Sound, who I mistook for the Fleshtones for the entire set. (The lead singer kind of has a Zaremba-like nose).

Three things I'm liking today:

  • iTunes version 7, which has a neat feature that allows you to flip through album covers, the way folks did back on the 1900s. (Thanks for the tip, Wechsler).

  • The new Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan album, an expansion on their Ramblin' Man EP from last winter. Their voices blend so well, and the songs are very interesting, particularly the first one, a bizarre, martial ballad about my favorite character, God.

  • Infusium Leave-In Treatment from the fine family of Infusium products.

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