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2006-09-23 - 8:36 a.m.

The new Beck album is great. About half of it is hip-hop--but Beckian hip-hop--and the rest is garage-y, poppy, folky, produced by the only one who understands him.

There are a lot of artists I am possessive of (mine!), but my feeling toward Beck is more like a shared generational pride.

I don't always feel a personal connection to his music, but if anyone represents my own generation to me, it's him, and he's done us proud, growing musically but never abandoning what made him great in the first place: that low-key charm, intelligence, adventurousness, and confidence. And he's just a damn good writer and singer.

Speaking of bands I'm possessive of--Ira Robbins writes about the Green Pajamas, on Emusic today.

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