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2006-09-27 - 1:12 p.m.

I can't find sound clips online, and I certainly can't recommend that anyone buy it, but I am intrigued--nay, fascinated--by this Tommy Roe album, just released on CD for the first time.

Apparently, like all good pop singers of the 60s, he went through a serious, inward-looking phase somewhere between his first hits and "Dizzy," and released two albums of strings-laden, effects-happy pseudo-psychedelia.

It's not exactly good, but it's sweet and touching, like watching an old super-8 movie of your impossibly youthful dad in a denim work shirt and leisure slacks.

I am relieved (and then relieved transforms to overjoyed) to report that I really like the new Robyn Hitchcock album. I'd enjoyed his collaboration with the Snoozy Twins in 2004 much better than anything he'd done in years, and this is a step above that--more engaging songs, a full-band production.

My current favorite track is the serpentine "Museum of Sex" that sounds like it could have been on Globe of Frogs.

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