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2006-09-29 - 10:55 a.m.

Sign on my local drugstore window:

We will be closed on Sunday
Please anticipate your needs

It's a nice reminder.

Sean Lennon's new album is lovely. He has developed into a strong songwriter, producer, and even takes a whack at video direction (on a bonus disc, there's a wee film for every song on the new record).

But most improved since his first (and last, til now) album (in 1998!) is his voice, which has become very expressive and subtle.

Does he sound like John? Mmm, not really. In fact, in spots he sounds like Paul, Thom Yorke, Beck, and Kurt Cobain. In other words, he sounds like any other Beatle fan who picked up a guitar and started writing songs.

My only gripe is my eternal pet peeve: a 12-panel CD booklet with nothing but line drawings and some credits. No lyrics, no liner notes by Janet Planet, no photos of people with headphones grasping the left can and flailing their right hand. Rock stars, c'mon!

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