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2006-10-02 - 1:19 p.m.

I tried to befriend Justin Timberlake on MySpace today and received this little message:

Justin Timberlake does not accept add requests from bands.

Stone cold dis, J-Unit.

I try not to talk too much about yoga-n-stuff here, cuz itís not really the best forum. But people have asked me from time to time to recommend yoga videos, and my reply is usually cautious: videos can be helpful, but they will never replace the benefits of taking a class with a real teacher and other students, especially if youíre brand new to it.

That said, thereís a video production house whose videos are all really well done: Pranamaya.

Aside from Andrey Lappa, who I find a little off-putting, the teachers represented here are great: Sarah Powers, Paul Grilley, and one of the coolest guys on the planet, Dharma Mittra, who has a studio here in NYC. These videos are not big on production values, and tend towards the scholarly (which might turn some folks off) but I think anyone can use these to supplement his or her knowledge of yoga theory and practice.

I read a pretty good graphic novel over the weekend, Canít Get No by Rick Veitch. (That page has a link where you can download a PDF sneak preview). Itís an imaginative storyÖalthough itís pretty pulpy and melodramatic. It seems like mainstream comic publishers are providing some nice alternative titles with great artwork but they are still stuck in that over-serious mode that makes you wanna, say, go listen to The Zambonis (Iím a-mentioniní them cuz they kept coming up in conversation this weekend, with various unrelated groups of people).

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