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2006-10-09 - 10:52 a.m.

R.I.P. Tower Records.

I haven't bought a CD from a store in years, and when I did it was generally from the used bin.

But I do have a small sentimental attachment to the Tower on B'way & 4th, where I wiled many an aimless Sunday afternoon at the listening station....before Other Music moved in across the street.

Back in my day, we chopped and screwed our music by hand, using heavy iron implements. The young ballers and flamboasters of today have it easy.

Orbit gum has a new flavor called "Sweet Mint" and it's drivin' me wild. I'm not sure what flavor in nature it is meant to resemble, but it's a bit like cotton candy laced with peppermint. Further, the packaging is my favorite non-purple color: seafoam green. Kudos, Wrigley!

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