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2006-10-12 - 3:47 p.m.

What I wouldn't give to be at 13600 Chimpanzee Place in Keithville, LA on Saturday.

However, I will be at an all-day meditation retreat, which is almost as fun.

My favorite three records this week:

Bobby Bare, Jr.'s new one is about half made up of quintessential Bloodshot Records twisted roots rock, which I can take or leave, but the rest is so inventive, so surpassingly interesting and fun, that it seems almost to originate from another artist. He just blasts you with power chords and bursts of classic-rock bravado.

Props to the rhythm section--Michael Grimes and Patrick Hallahan--who provide the backbone for all this hoopla.

"The Heart Bionic" and "Borrow Your Cape" will make you flail about your living quarters, accidentally rattling knick-knacks off shelves and then you will not care whether those things get reshelved. Listen at your own peril.

I also am enjoying Joe Lally's record. He was the bass player for Fugazi, and he has created an album that is, not suprisingly, quite bass-heavy, with snaky melodies and nice conversations between bass and percussion. This record is low-key, and may be the appropriate music to reshelve your knick-knacks by.

And, sadly, Nikki Sudden's final album came out this week on Secretly Canadian. It is exuberant and full of life, and sounds like a lost T.Rex LP. Clocking in at almost an hour, it's a big, bursting final goodbye.

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