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2006-10-16 - 8:31 a.m.

I have a new MP3 up at MySpace. It's a rough mix from the upcoming album. I've been playing "Road to Hell" at shows for years now, but this is its internet debut.

That's Sharples on drums, Andy Mattina on bass, me and Benjoya on guitars, and Wombat on knob-twirlin'.

You may recognize him from such comments as "red card," "I like Sonic Youth" and "I want to love Ned Lamont" and now Commenter Greg has a glob of his own.

I feel like Oprah launching the career of Doctor Phil. Greg, now that you're famous, I hope you'll still come back and visit.

I've blathered on at some length here about my love for Julian Barnes, and today I was taken aback to learn that Great White's album Sail Away was inspired in part by JB's A History of the World in 10.5 Chapters.

Yeah, that Great White.

Incidentally, I think Great White deserves a better website.

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