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2006-10-24 - 10:23 a.m.

Aww-right, looks like the Bay Ridge/Sunset Park bus is no longer considered the "pokiest" bus in the city, and the M14 won the 2006 Pokey Award! But that might just mean that South Brooklynites have finally accepted and integrated the slowness of their main bus rather than witnessed any real improvement.

Hey, the new Who album is pretty good!!

This weather is thrilling: just cold enough to get the heart pounding, to require flattering woollen accessories, to provide a nice contrast between outside and inside, and yet not so cold that it breaks your spirit or hinders a good jog.

Vince Gill--I don't think I'd ever consciously listened to his music, but I had vague positive regard for him for marrying Amy Grant, whose music I also don't know, but who I like because, I dunno, she seems like a nice person, and she also sounds intelligent in interviews. (It's the Sandra Bullock/Nick Lachey Phenomenon--celebrities whose work you don't know, but whose general presence is inoffensive).

But now I'm con-Vinced (oof!) that Vince rocks, based solely on his new audacious 4-CD album, These Days. Forty-three new songs! Covering various permutations of country/Americana/folk. Good stuff, this, in that commercial-country kinda way.

And speaking of albums, Sue at 125 Records reports that Aquacade is all sold out (except for one copy, which I have dibs on), and won't be re-manufactured. This is both the end of an era, and the beginning of the next phase.

Maybe all artists should wait til their album is completely sold out before releasing their next one. This would teach us patience, and it might prevent some hastily released filler.

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