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2006-10-26 - 9:19 p.m.

At this point, Sufjan Stevens could put out a CD of bird calls and jump rope chants, and I would buy it, because he's my ever-so-handsome, complicated, Jesus-lovin' dream date. However I am genuinely intrigued by his new Christmas box set.

What I love about this is that, really, who's going to listen to five CDs worth of Christmas music? Nobody, that's who, and he doesn't care.

Jonderneathica's favorite band has a new record coming out and it is excellent: well played, well written, exciting, intelligent, and that Mike Gent has a cool voice.

Wouldn't a Raconteurs/Figgs show be the most perfect 3-4 hours of your life?

Another thing that the band reminds me of: several years ago I was killing time at a crappy diner in Connecticut, waiting for a Figgs show, and I wrote the lyrics to one of my favorite songs, "Battlestar Connecticut" on a placemat. Thank you, Figgs, for not playing in, say, Maryland that night.

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