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2006-11-03 - 8:45 a.m.

I can't go see Tris McCall play his big ol' Maxwells show tonight, but I urge anyone in the NJ/NY area to go, you will surely have a great time.

Tris has been comin' off all K-Fed (T-Mac?) about how great the rehearsals for the show have been, and I believe him because, honestly, I don't know many musicians who ever have anything good to say about rehearsals. (Except Liza, but she's naturally exuberant...).

Danny Elfman's music for Edward Scissorhands is one of the few film scores I ever rushed out and bought and listened to with rapt attention, and I'm not sure what to make of Tim Davis's score for the stage version which is being released now on CD.

(The musical has been in existence since last year and somehow escaped my awareness completely).

Clearly, Davis respects Elfman's work and is trying to build on it and expand it, but he can't seem to escape the little Andrew-Lloyd-Webberisms that make even the best musicals so very cringey to behold. ("Jesus Christ...Scissorhands!")

That said, I'd totally go see ES just out of curiosity.

Don't feed your dogs avocado! It makes them sick, and gives them funny ideas about kitchen color schemes.

And now, a new agey moment brought to you by your friends at IHOP:

Hey there, don't just vote on Nov 7, but hold a vision for how you'd like this country to be run. Personally, I'm tired of Republican-bashing because it only gives energy to a negative vision. We all know what we don't want, let's focus on what we do want. What do you want?

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