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2006-11-04 - 10:13 a.m.

Speaking of Danny Elfman, I saw a cool puppet show yesterday at Here whose music was co-written by Elfman and burgeoning puppeteer/former local rockstar Erik Sanko (late of Skeleton Key).

A cautionary tale like Shockheaded Peter or the Gashleycrumb Tinies, it explores the 7 deadly sins by way of a series of sinister (and at times really hilarious) marionette vignettes.

While it's nothing that Gorey/Burton/Tigerlilies fans haven't seen before (and the music is standard Elfman-by-numbers), the artistry is impressive--the puppets themselves (made by Sanko) and the miniature set design are captivating.

Hey, Emusic has three Amon Duul 2 albums available alla sudden. This is very exciting!

I was just thinking about them yesterday after hearing the Mouse on Mars song "Duul," which I assume is about them.

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