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2006-11-14 - 11:43 a.m.

Today's theme is "background music."

Being a word-y type, almost all instrumental music becomes relegated to either cleaning-my-apartment soundtrack status (and I only clean about once every 2 years) or music to listen to whilst falling asleep. It's not that I don't appreciate it, it's just that it won't capture my attention unless it's not competing with any other sense stimulus in the area.

For the past week or so I've been enjoying All India Radio as my instrumental music of choice. They are a three-piece from Australia who make spacious, inviting sounds at the warm end of the electronica spectrum--the kind of music you can relax to without worrying that you may accidentally be listening to new age music.

And in the same realm, but from a different age and orientation altogether, I've been revisiting Klaus Schulze.

Guten tag, Klaus! Wie gehts?

(I suspect that Amon Duul opened the floodgates a few weeks back and now I can't stop listening to moody, eccentric Germans.)

Anyway, Moondawn makes for a lovely, non-dynamic (in a good way) analog synth listening experience, and it has been reissued in recent years so it's available for downloadin' at the usual places.

In other sense-oriented news, this moisturizer smells really good, can be purchased for 50% off if you go to the Missha store on lower Broadway that's about to close, and, according to the website, this stuff is "...essential nourishment for today’s overburdened women in preserving healthy and radiant skin from ravages of modern day demands and stress..."

Wow! I didn't even realize I was overburdened by those above-mentioned ravages, but now that they mention it...

Meet my new favorite actress, discovered while looking online for a synonym for "purist," which I never did find, so if anyone has any suggestions...

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