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2006-12-05 - 10:23 a.m.

On some kinda crazy whim I downloaded Big Country's final album. It's right good--Stuart Adamson's voice was so rich and strong-- and there are two songs co-written by Ray Davies.

If they had only changed their name mid-career, I bet they could have sold millions of copies of this, but I believe that people won't listen to an album by a band linked to another recent era*, and Big Country were so very associated with the 1980s for many Americans**. (Their popularity remained a little more consistent through the 90s in Europe).

*As opposed to a full-fledged "comeback album" by a band who hasn't recorded in 20 years.

**There are artists that defy this law, of course--like U2 and Madonna and other such juggernauts of self-promotion/invention.

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