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2006-12-14 - 10:50 a.m.

So, the party was fun.

It was at a kinda skeevy nightclub (white fake christmas trees, stripper poles--if I were a rapper, this is where I'd want to get shot) with a decent dance floor.

I lost an arm-wrestlin' match but tied for first place (well, out of two) in a dance-off.

Walked over with a bunch of folks to see Rawles Balls at the Living Room, and marveled at the limpid sprawl of the lower east side in this 50s-ish weather, everything all sparkling and lovely. A fall-back-in-love with New York night.

Anyway, the whole evening was great, and I can hold my head up at work today having not violated too many points of etiquette. (If only becasue there was not a copy machine on the premises).

New Stooges album in March!

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