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2006-12-18 - 8:55 a.m.

It's the Tall Actor Huge Bodybuilder page.

I Netflixed LoudQuietLoud the other day and have been watching it in short spurts as I eat breakfast or wait for the shower to warm up or whatever. Watching it over time this way makes me feel like I'm on tour with the Pixies.

It's a really fun film--the live footage (from their 2004 reunion tour) totally rocks and cements the band in their place as the best punk melodicists ever, and the behind the scenes stuff is sort of mildly funny and sweet and sometimes uncomfortable (anything to do with Kim and her drinking) and recognizable to anyone who's ever been in a band or spent any amount of intensive time with people on some kind of project: affection and annoyance in equal measure.

I remember when the Pixies reunited and a really annoying sourpuss I was involved with (who doesn't read this blog) wouldn't go see them because he thought it would be depressing somehow.

But scene after scene of watching the band churn out magic is the very opposite of depressing--it's redemptive. Music wants to be made, you can't stop it from coming out of you just cuz you're not 19 anymore, and that's partially what this doc is about.

Wreckless Eric wrote a book!

The sound of water being plunged in a neighboring apartment is one of the most inexplicably disturbing things I can think of. Granted, it beats hearing the sound of someone being killed or listening to Justin Timberlake, but still.

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