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2006-12-23 - 2:22 p.m.

I went for a run today along the water, and instead of turning right, I turned left and ran towards Coney Island on the pedestrian/bike walkway.

I saw a cormorant among the usual seagulls, and could see Swinburne and Hoffman islands, where they used to stash typhoid cases back in the day (yet another Pinataland song waiting to happen--get on that one, boys).

So I have a glorious unobstructed view of the ocean, a perfect run on a flat surface, a gentle ocean breeze, the squawkings of birds all around, and not a Christmas shopper in sight--all within walking distance of my home.

Reason #4,487 for living in the Ridge.

And another thing--when you haven't had a saltine in a while, they taste really good.

That's not meant to be metaphorical, just an observation.

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