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2007-01-07 - 8:45 p.m.

Gerald Ford Haiku

Radical women
Were trying to murder him
But they kept missing.

Come to my show

I went to the Brooklyn Museum and finally saw that Ron Mueck exhibit. It was mesmerizing. The uncanny valley was in full effect.

I find it hard to write about visual art, but all I could think when looking at his work--the gigantic newborn baby, the tiny newborn baby, the gigantic woman in bed, the tiny lovers in bed--was, "Yes! Exactly!" Yes, a big baby! A tiny baby! Big lady! Small lady! I don't know how to explain it but I felt like I was headbanging to Zeppelin, some kind of mysterious visual entrainment that made me know I wasn't just looking at novelty pieces from a wax museum, but rather the inside of someone's head and heart.

Then there was the Annie Leibovitz exhibit, which astonished me. I was expecting a room full of Johnny Depp portraits, but was treated to photo after photo of family, landscapes, war-torn Sarajevo, other portraiture...and then the occasional Nicole Kidman or Kate Moss photo, which, in context and up close, were fairly amazing as well.

The combination of both exhibits made me feel humbled, human, part of the family o' man, and weirdly proud and comfortable to be embodied and imperfect. Maybe it's cuz it was the first thing I did after being in La-La-Land, and it felt so real.

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