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2007-01-21 - 1:47 p.m.

At the risk of sounding like James Carville, or the caricature of him from Primary Colors, talking about his sainted mama, I have to say:

I wish my mom could have lived to see this day: a woman seeking the Democratic nomination with an actual shot at getting it.

A black man doing the same.

And a John Ritter lookalike, too.

Mom would have been crying tears of joy no matter how little she actually liked Hillary Clinton. Cuz no matter how you feel about Clinton, and no matter how superficial a human victory this may be, it is still history in the making, and it is so fucking cool.

(I wish it was Geraldine Ferraro, though.)

In other girl-power news, I just found out that Francesca Lia Block wrote a Weetzie Bat follow-up semi-recently, which I was lucky enough to get from the 'berry yesterday. FLB's books are not quite guilty pleasures and yet are still on the Jersey side of good...not "chick lit" so much as Hello Kitty lit. My burly he-man friends need not concern themselves with this.

And in kung-pow-er news, the other day I had kung pao chicken for the first time ever, or at least I'm 90% sure I'd never had it before.

Chinese food doesn't have many surprises for us, does it? The kung pao basically tasted like other things with less-cool names.

Did you know that Greg Brown and Iris DeMent are married? Isn't that nice? I imagine she was just looking to dump that last name.

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