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2007-01-23 - 9:19 a.m.

I watched United 93 last night. I'm still not sure how I feel about it.

It's very well-done, shows you the behind the scenes events of 9/11 not just on that flight, but at the air traffic centers and military outposts...and creates a credible sense of what happened in the air that morning. It's filmed almost in real time, so the creeping sense of dread builds realistically to a horrible climax.

For anyone who doesn't feel like revisiting that day, or just wants to forget--and I believe that is a totally healthy and valid option--this film is not going to enrich your life any. For the curious or mournful, it may help.

The DVD extras include memorials to the passengers and a documentary of the actors meeting the families of the people they portray in the film. That was too sad for me to sit through, but again, your mileage.

I also recently attempted watching The Puffy Chair, after hearing raves about it, and I had to stop watching.

It seems like a perfectly fine film, but I was experiencing what I call the High Fidelity Phenomenon, wherein I get antsy and bored watching films about people in my own demographic.

I have no need to see movies about me, I want to watch movies about fearless hobbits and people in fat costumes.

This applies to other artforms, too.

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