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2007-02-04 - 2:33 p.m.

A while back we were talking about films that did justice to, or improved upon, their original source material.

It's no great compliment, but accurate, to say that the film version of The Da Vinci Code is as enjoyably lame and inexplicably compelling as the novel, with hamfisted exposition and awkward, often melodramatic dialogue...

When I say compelling, I mean in that way that Seventh Heaven is compelling.

Throughout the film, Tom Hanks looks perpetually perplexed and hesitant, as if someone kept driving him to the set every day and making him act, but wouldn't tell him what movie he was in.

I'm gonna jump, mildly, with reservations, on the Of Montreal bandwagon.

Their new album is adventurous and well-recorded, dense and fun-loving and celebratory and thoughtful. The new-wavey "Suffer for Fashion" would have been my favorite song for a week when I was 15.

I guess my reservation is that it's, on the first few listens, more cerebral than emotional, and that kind of music takes the longest for me to cotton to, if I ever do at all.

But if you like that kind thing, they do it well.

Some may call it a time-waster, but I believe that watching puppies gamboling about is a constructive use of time.

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