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2007-02-06 - 10:55 p.m.

These traditional Norwegian folk tunes inspire such a feeling of mournful nostalgia and joy. Nostalgia for what? Who knows--it's that same ghost nostalgia I feel when I listen to Beirut.

The other day I urged Lucinda Williams to start a punk band. Apparently, Rickie Lee Jones was a-listenin', and not only made a terrific noisy, sloppy but utterly sincere record that sounds like Mary Margaret O'Hara fronting the Velvets, but it's all about the much-maligned Jesus H. Murphy.

And I finally downloaded the Willie Nile album from last year that at least three of my friends recommended.

Very rockin' stuff for folks who long for the days when Bruce played music this simple and passionate.

He sounds just like the Hold Steady!


Will the great music never stop? Will we ever be spared of all this shattering beauty?

Belatedly marking the sad passing of Molly Ivins with some of her better quotes.

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