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2007-02-09 - 11:33 a.m.

I am excited to learn that Wounded Bird is reissuing all the out of print Translator albums on CD!

Translator had a minor hit with "Everywhere That I'm Not" from their debut, but I also loved their second album, No Time Like Now, which was really uplifting and pretty. For the uninitiated, they were sort of a harder-rocking, less Stipe-y REM.

Well, no Grizzly Man for me last night, I ended up doing something else, but I did finish watching the first season of Extras, which is shaping up to be a sweet little show.

Beirut's new EP is a nice Balkan diversion.

This balmy 22-degree weather has me feeling all tropical.

One thing I've learned over the years is that it takes a village to have a romantic relationship.

You may spend one or two evenings a week with a person you're dating, but then there's the conversations you have about the person with Friend #1, Friend #2, Sibling #3...and whatever you may be saying to them, and whatever solicited or unsolicited advice they're doling out is not really about your relationship with your partner, it's about your relationship with the person you're talking to. The world is like a big multi-headed puppet being operated by one puppetmaster, and the puppetmaster is the one you're really having a relationship with.

And yes, the puppetmaster is William Hickey.

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