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2007-02-11 - 8:20 p.m.

Oh, c'mon, haters, "Roxanne" is a great song! And the Police rock.

I haven't watched the Grammies since 1977, when I was in love with these guys, but I actually set up my TV antenna tonight just to watch.

Not just to see Sting and Stewart and Andy, but to see all the weird categories that I am now emotionally invested in since reviewing (for work) the nominees for best Hawaiian, Traditional World Music, Contemporary World Music, and Gospel albums.

This is the only alt.Oreo flavor I like.

OK, I have just watched 20 minutes of the Grammies (including commercials) and have concluded that I will never re-attach my antenna again, for any reason. Pop musicians are very glossy and excitable and they give me a cringey, curdly feeling in my stomach. I think some of them may be taking drugs.

I manage to shield myself from the pop world so successfully, that when I do encounter it, I have no antibodies to fight it.

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